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Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Club
(TGCBTC) Standard of Conduct


1. As a TGCBTC member, I will be responsible to be familiar with the BREED STANDARD and keep the integrity and welfare of the breed as my first and foremost concern.

2. I will appreciate the unique nature of the Bull Terrier and will provide responsible care at all times.

3. I will act with responsible and courteous behavior privately and publicly as a representative of the Bull Terrier breed and the TGCBTC. This includes:
having control of my Bull Terrier at all times.
cleaning up after my dogs in public places.
leaving public facilities , including hotels in the same condition in which they were found.

4. I will become familiar with and abide by the rules of the AKC.

5. I will not in any way misrepresent, mislead or be fraudulent. The appearance of my dog(s) will not be altered in any way that is not in accord with AKC regulations.

6. I will keep accurate records and pedigrees.

7. I will never place monetary gain over the welfare of Bull Terriers that I breed and sell.

8. I will sell or place Bull Terriers only after I am convinced that the buyer will provide responsible and humane care.

9. When selling puppies, I will provide a written agreement of sale as a protection for both the buyer and the seller. This agreement will assure the well being and health of each puppy. If the puppy is not to be used for breeding, the limited registration option of the AKC registration certificate should be utilized. This is reversible at the breeder's option.

10. I will advertise honestly. I will be open to discussing existing and potential defects in my own stock with all persons interested in the health and welfare of my Bull Terriers.

11. I will maintain the best possible standards of canine health, cleanliness and care, abiding by state and local laws.

12. I will not engage in any fight related activities.

13. I will give to and go over a copy of the Standard of Conduct with each new owner. My agreement of sale will include an agreement to abide by the Standard of Conduct.

Breeder: Brood Bitch and Stud Dog

1. I will produce Bull Terrier puppies only to improve the breed and only when responsible care can be provided in raising the puppies and they can be placed in homes also providing responsible care.

2. We recommend not breeding any bitch until she is mature. I will consider the health and well being of the bitch when determining the frequency of breeding. I will not breed if it knowingly compromises the health of the bitch.

3. I will avoid breeding or being party to the breeding of a Bull Terrier for the wholesaling of litters or selling to such places as pet dealers, catalogue houses, or other commercial sources of distribution or laboratory facilities.

4. I will avoid participating in breedings of Bull Terriers that will knowingly perpetuate any of the following genetic problems: hip dysplasia, zinc metabolism syndrome, luxating patellas, pyloric dysfunction, severe atopy (allergies), entropian (ingrown eyelids), renal disease, deafness, heart disease or any other known genetic defect which can be harmful to the Bull Terrier.

5. It is recommended that prior to breeding all animals are screened and certified to be free of the aforementioned conditions.

6. I will be honest and forthright in informing any breeders interested in using their bitch to my stud of any serious genetic problems either potential or produced in litters sire by the stud dog.

7. I will avoid breeding any Bull Terrier which displays unpredictable aggression towards humans or does not demonstrate sound behavior or balanced temperament.

8. I will encourage tattooing, micro chipping, and DNA profiling of all puppies and adults and the registration of such identification.

9. I will explain to prospective owners their obligations regarding Bull Terriers and will provide consultation upon request.

10. I will act responsibly toward all puppies produced by my bitch or stud dog for the lifetime of the puppies. This includes puppies born to bitches under breeding terms.

11. I will be responsible for the placement of puppies afflicted with genetic defects into non-breeding homes only.